Insurance Claims

If you live in Louisville, southern Indiana or elsewhere in Kentuckiana, you know that when severe weather hits, it can be devastating to a homes roof. Should you be in the unpleasant situation of evaluating storm damage to your home, there’s nothing more important than having a roofing company that has years of experience working with insurance adjusters.

If your home or business suffers an insurable loss due to storm damage, Russell Roofing will work directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the roof you deserve.

Whether it’s a fallen tree, hail, wind or some other force of nature, don’t take chances with some fly-by-night roofing contractor. It all starts with an inspection from a professional who knows roofs and how insurance companies work. We will carefully inspect your entire property for any signs of storm damage. We are dedicated to helping you make the right choices as you make important financial decisions about your home.

We know and understand the language that insurance adjusters speak. We work hard to get you a fair settlement. If you are awarded a settlement, we are transparent about working with the amount your receive for repairs and restoration, throughout the entire process.

Call us today. We look forward to working with you in the near future.