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Russell Roofing of Louisville Kentucky is the regions premier local roofing, gutters, and home improvements contractor.

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Whether you are recovering from a severe storm, looking to increase the value of your home, or you are simply ready for a change, Russell Roofing, Gutters & Home Improvements of Louisville we can help. We are complaint free with the Better Business Bureau and proud to boast an A+ BBB rating.

You can take comfort in dealing with a local, reliable roofing company, Russell Roofing of Louisville Kentucky. Russell Home Improvements is proud to be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and as such we can offer an assurance of roofing and customer service professionalism.

We also offer top-name manufacturers in the roofing industry like GAF, and CertainTeed so we will be able to find the roofing color and style for which you are looking.

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A. Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge Cap shingles with sealant are available in our most popular colors. They are typically used with laminated shingles, but they may also be used with our three-tab shingles. Plus, they’re specially treated* to resist roof discoloration due to algae growth.

B. Ridge Vent Ventilation

Ridge Vent Benefits:

  • Works year-round
  • Provides evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof
  • 18 square inches of net free area per linear foot (depending on type and model)
  • Slim design, visual appeal
  • Provides a higher volume of airflow per square foot of attic area than any other fixed-vent system
  • Design maximizes airflow across the entire underside of roof sheathing
  • Changes in wind direction have no significant effect on vent performance
  • Intake vents must be installed to provide proper airflow

C. Starter Shingles Strips

Shingle Starter Strip is composed of a self-adhesive back to seal to the roof deck or underlayment, a tough granular surface will form a barrier to physical damage while providing superior UV ray protection and a seal down strip to prevent shingle uplift.

D. Ice & Water Shield Barrier

Ice & Water Shield offers premium leak protection for sloped roofs in climates subject to ice dams and wind-driven rain. It is applied to the roof deck prior to the application of the finished roof covering, which is most often shingles but can also be tile or metal. The membrane goes under shingles and seals around nails that hold the shingles in place, so water that doesn’t drain properly cannot penetrate the roof. It also creates a weather-tight barrier against wind-driven rains that cause shingles to lift and leak. Affordable and easy to install, it provides added peace of mind for many years, even in the most brutal winters.

E. Fiberglass reinforcement

Reinforced Felt Underlayment provides an extra layer of protection beneath the shingles to help prevent wind-driven rain from reaching the roof deck. It’s an essential part of a complete roofing system.

Our Services

    • Tear-Offs

We remove existing roof materials, ex: shingles, paper, drip edge, etc. in preparation for a new shingle roof.

    • Wind & Hail Damage to your Roofing

Sometimes it can be difficult without experience to tell if your roof is damaged from wind or hail. Large hail can damage the matting under the asphalt in the roofing shingles. Later, the rain and wind can remove the loose granules and expose the matting in the roofing shingles. Strong winds can then break the seals of the roofing system. The shingles could blow off the roof from the previous damage at a later date. Such could void the roofs warranty and performance of the asphalt shingles.

    • Hail & Wind Damage to your Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

Large hail will create sufficient damage to any type of siding, but smaller hail can create damage slightly less obvious but still structural inhibiting. If the damage occurs to older siding, already faded from the elements, matching the replacement siding could cause another eye sore.

    • Hail & Wind Damage to your Gutters

Storms can cause structural gutter damage not always immediately visible to the naked eye. The heavy weight of hail or the force of hail can loosen gutter hangers, leave round outward dents at the bottom of the gutters, and cause impediments to the gutter function.

    • Siding & Gutters

We provide sidings and gutters installed by skilled craftsmen. Custom aluminum trim wrap, soffits & facia wraps, window and door wraps are all available in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary colors. We carry and install many brands of vinyl siding. So you will have a wide choice of colors and styles. Seamless aluminum gutters are manufactured on site with our specialized fabricating equipment. Our seamless gutters are available in a wide variety of colors.

    • Wood Shakes

Wood shakes offer a natural look with a lot of character. Because of variations like color, width, thickness, or cut of the wood, no two shake homes will ever be the same. Installing wood shakes is more complicated than roofing or siding with conventional materials, and the quality of the finished roof depends on the experience of the contractor as well as the caliber of the shakes you use. You can rely on Russell Home Improvements to keep you covered!

Roofing Products:

Owens Corning’s roofing delivers maximum energy efficiency, low maintenance, convenience, beauty and peace of mind with warranties that are among the best in the industry. View some of the Owens Corning shingles we offer.

Offering high quality products in roofing. View some of the GAF shingles we offer.

CertainTeed Roofing is a leading manufacturer of low-slope and steep-slope roofing products for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential roofing applications. View some of the CertainTeed shingles we offer.

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