Storm Damage Roof Repair in Louisville KY

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Louisville KY

Kentuckiana gets its share of severe weather. It’s not surprising that high winds, hail, ice and tornadoes can wreak havoc residential and commercial. But many just because your roof wasn’t hit the hardest doesn’t mean you didn’t suffer damage such as loose shingles or a leak

Roof Repair Louisville KY
It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to examining storm damage for possible roof repairs.

It’s important to contact a Louisville KY roofing contractor immediately to get an inspection done.

If severe damage occurs, Russell Roofing has a 24-hour emergency service available that will help you remedy the damaged roof right away.

Wind and Hail Damage to Your Roofing

Sometimes it can be difficult without experience to tell if your roof is damaged from wind or hail. Large hail can damage the matting under the asphalt in the roofing shingles. Later, the rain and wind can remove the loose granules and expose the matting in the roofing shingles. Strong winds can then break the seals of the roofing system. The shingles could blow off the roof from the previous damage at a later date. Such could void the roofs warranty and performance of the asphalt shingles.

Hail & Wind Damage to your Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

Large hail will create sufficient damage to any type of siding, but smaller hail can create damage slightly less obvious but still structural inhibiting. If the damage occurs to older siding, already faded from the elements, matching the replacement siding could cause another eye sore.

Hail & Wind Damage to your Gutters

Storms can cause structural gutter damage not always immediately visible to the naked eye. The heavy weight of hail or the force of hail can loosen gutter hangers, leave round outward dents at the bottom of the gutters, and cause impediments to the gutter function.